Town and Country Conservatories


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Tell us about your home

The heart of our award winning conservatory plans is superior design. Our philosophy is that each of our conservatories should look as though it was always part of your home, not an add-on. Just as few homes are identical, no two of our conservatories are alike. And we are not limited to standard shapes and sizes.

conservatoryTo discuss your project, call 773.281.1212. We welcome and encourage your ideas and questions. You can then decide whether to send or e-mail photos of your house, or have us schedule a visit. We will take all the site dimensions and photos for our cost of travel plus the design fee (described below). If you are working with an architect, designer or contractor, have them contact us or send us their drawings by fax 773.281.2234 or by email

After we consider your preferences on major ideas, such as size, intended use and site orientation we can give you pricing guidance based on our 25 years of experience and over 1000 projects. Whether you want an addition or a free-standing Pool Enclosure or Garden House, we will guide you to the conservatory plan that is right for you.

Conservatory Plans

We provide a fully developed design with floor plans, elevations and a 3-D perspective for $2,500 for a typical conservatory or $3,500 to $4,000 for Pool Enclosures. This cost can be applied to your contract. Step 2

conservatory rendering

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