Town and Country Conservatories


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What's next?

We will present the completed sunroom design in person and discuss more specifics at that time, including any needed adjustments, finishing touches and details that will individualize your conservatory. We will share our own and other clients' experience with different types of glass, the latest technologies in heating and cooling, roof shades, insect screening and the latest design and furnishing trends in England, where conservatories have reached a high art form.

After we have agreed on the final sunroom design, we issue a contract which fully details exactly what we provide and what you need to do to prepare for the conservatory. After your contract is signed we prepare shop drawings showing the specifics of the design, the exact dimensions of the conservatory and the attaching points to your house. These drawings are one of the most essential parts of the process and are approved by you and or your architect or contractor prior to the manufacture of the sunroom.

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Each and every aspect of the building is depicted including a Builder's Plan that shows your contractor the exact location of the base or kneewall that is built prior to our arrival. After completion of the shop drawings we visit the site again to verify the dimensions and meet with your builder to discuss timing and coordination. Step 3


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