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Conservatory Design - Dimensions and Photos

Print these measuring guidelines if you would like to send us dimensions for a conservatory design.

  • Printable Version in PDF Format (the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the printable version, if you do not already have Acrobat Reader installed you can download it by clicking here).
  • Or call if you want it faxed or e-mailed 773.281.1212.
  • Follow the steps described below or you call us for assistance at 773.281.1212.

The first step is to determine a location and some basic dimensions.

conservatory designs

Example: dimensions between the underside of the second floor window sill to the finished floor level (FFL) as shown in the photo above, or the overall width of a location.

Please provide via e-mail or regular mail:

  1. Some clear photos of all sides of your house or plans (for new homes or renovations)
  2. Desired location for the conservatory
  3. An idea of the minimum floor space that you would like
  4. Key heights and widths as shown in the sample above

Do not worry about precise dimensions, but be sure to use a common reference point such as the Finished Floor Level (FFL) of the adjacent room.

conservatory designs

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