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Conservatory Roof Shades

Conservatory roof shades will greatly enhance the enjoyment of any conservatory. They soften sunlight, help to control temperature, protect furniture and shade-loving plants, and provide privacy while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Town & Country offers custom made sunroom blinds in a variety of colors, fabrics and mounting styles that are practical as well as decorative. The following pages provide an overview of the types and styles that we currently offer.

Town & Country offers custom made imported conservatory roof shades in a variety of colors, fabrics and mounting styles that are practical as well as decorative. Click on the photos below to learn more about the types and styles of conservatory roof blinds that we currently offer.

Selection & Ordering

There are a wide variety of colors available, including standard ranges and custom. With a color range provided by you, more specific samples can be supplied. Pinoleum can be painted virtually any B.S. (British Standard) or RAL color and can be supplied with a solar exterior coating.

U.S. shade manufacturers do not make the shapes required for conservatory roofs without a track system added to the rafters, which is undesirable. The sloped glass shade market in North America is limited to commercial installations with unfriendly fabric and mounting hardware. Our roof shades are custom made in England. For Town & Country Conservatories, we will measure the roof just after it is made in the workshop. We can also measure from the drawings or at the site.

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